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Zara Sale!

Another year, another Zara sale. I was not as prepared as I usually am but we still made it out with 5 great pieces!

Piece 1: The ultimate lime green mod style dress. Twiggy would be so jealous

“There's no need to dress like everyone else. It's much more fun to create your own look - Twiggy”

I have to admit, I first saw this dress on another influencer that I follow and fell in love with it! I was on the hunt for it right when I entered the store. It is a tweed material that is very reminiscent of Chanel and the color is undeniably show stopping. The length is just short enough to make this mama feel hot but not make the Gen X'ers turn their head with embarrassment - well maybe they will but its a length that will make me not care.

Piece 2: White pencil skirt with dangerously high slit....but i LIKE IT!

When I usually think of a pencil skirt, I think of working at a cubicle, tapping keys and scheduling business meetings. But this pencil skirt is for the after hours babe. Although this was not part of the sale, I saw it and said "you need to come home with me." The high slit is what transforms this everyday work life pencil skirt into the sexy lady skirt walking into the bar ordering a martini - who happens to be in slow motion with a fan blowing her hair ever so perfectly. I guess you can say I have thought about it. But this skirt is IT!

Piece 3: Playful skort. I said skort, do I really have to say more?

It's shorts! It's a skort! Which we love! - me”

I saw this in the store and I thought - this would be so cute if it had shorts underneath. The shopping Gods were looking down on me at that moment because they said "shorts? You got it! (Home Alone 2 Talkboy voice - if you don't know that reference, please watch the movie!) I love skorts especially now that I am chasing after a toddler, bending over to grab her or sitting on the floor playing with puzzles and watching Wiggles. You're welcome for the glimpse in my very exciting every day life as a toddler mom. Anyway, skort = purchased!

Piece 4: Organza puff sleeve cardigan

Okay....the words organza and puff sleeve may make some people shake with fear and leave this site immediately but WAIT! I know it is not for everyone but I do think everyone should try. You may be surprised. I had a little trouble styling this piece but I think that was due to my extreme exhaustion at the time so i'll give it another go for sure. Organza can sometimes be itchy but this one felt good. And put a puff sleeve in front of me and you can basically just transport it right to my closet. The buttons are rhinestone but not tacky. I think because the fabric is a pretty, light pink, it adds to the girlyness of it. It's a yes for me.

Piece 5: Trendy oversized sweater vest

I didn't try this trend when it came out a little while back but it is cuuuuuute! I paired it with jeans but honestly, I think it would look super cute with a black tennis skirt. Ill have to try that out. I did attempt to wear a white collared shirt underneath but that was an epic fail. I like this because even though it's a sweater, it is short sleeves so it's not only for the cooler months. I think it looks effortlessly chic which I LOVE!

And that's it! I was happy with the pieces but next time, I am definitely getting there earlier. If you haven't shopped the sale yet, it's worth checking it out. But get there early, on a weekday if you can and DO 2 LAPS! You always miss stuff the first time around. HAPPY SHOPPING BABES!

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