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Drinking our way through Napa

This past week, us and 3 other couples traveled to Napa for a MUCH NEEDED vacation. It was our first time on the West Coast and we had the best time! But prior to going on vacation, we had to plan, and if you have ever planned an itinerary for Napa Valley, you know this is not easy! So I am hoping this post will help future winos with the planning process


We stayed at Vintage House at The Estate Yountville and it was absolutely gorgeous! The rooms felt like it could be your own bedroom. Fireplace in every room where the provide new logs every day and a gorgeous balcony to watch the sunrise (which we did because we were on East Coast time). HIGHLY RECOMMEND!


Below are all of the wineries we visited. They were all great but some exceeded the others. I have rated them from best to...not the best (in my opinion). None were bad!


I believe that any restaurant you go to in Napa will be phenomenal! These are the ones thats we visited.

RH - This is the most beautiful restaurant. Food was fantastic, ambiance was even better.

Bistro Don Giovanni - THIS WAS THE FAVORITE OF THE GROUP. The food was unbelievable and we sat at the best table in the house.

Mustards Grill - This is a well known restaurant. Very busy. The food was okay but I am still glad we chose it.

Press - This restaurant was very nice. The food was interesting and unique and very good!

Bouchon - This was a world renown bakery that was across the street from our hotel. We would go for breakfast sandwiches, pastries and coffees. The pan de chocolat....AMAZING! They also have a restaurant next door but we did not go there.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you stay out in Yountville, and you are flying out of San Francisco airport, PLAN YOUR CAR AHEAD OF TIME. We had an 8:30am flight back home and we needed to leave the hotel around 5:45am. It was impossible to get an Uber that early to take us an hour and a half to the airport so...plan ahead!

  • Were cute sneakers or flat boots for the most part. I wore heeled boots one day and it was fine and comfortable, but there was no way I was wearing heels any day after that one!

  • Layers! The mornings are cold but with the sun, it gets very warm. So we all just had a jacket with us or wore a lightweight long sleeve.

  • Remember to factor in food. We did not factor in an actual sit down lunch any day that we were there so we stopped at grocery stores and grabbed food to eat on the way or our driver picked food up for us. Dont forget to eat and drink water!

  • Hire a driver if you can. This was a game changer. It was 8 of us so we hired a sprinter van with a driver and there was no way we would have made it to all the wineries without it. Then you dont have to worry about drinking and driving OR. calling ubers at every location.

  • DO THE HOT AIR BALLOON! I was so nervous but it was absolutely gorgeous and so serene. It is not scary at all and the views are spectacular.

I hope this helps anyone who is planning Napa! It will be one of the best trips you ever take so have fun and CHEERS!

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