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Summer Accessories

Now that it is Summer, it is time to accessorize with some color! I have purchased a couple of really fun accessories that would be a great addition to any summertime outfit - day or night! Let's go!

Pink and Orange Geo Drop Earrings - These earrings from SHEIN are so affordable at only $2!!!!! Yes, you read that right. Now, when ordering accessories from anywhere that costs $2, I always keep my expectations very low. I was pleasantly surprised with these. They are a soft coated plastic that feel like they could be from a store like Zara or Banana Republic. Now super upscale, but very fun and summery!

Gold paint drip ring - Another WIN from the SHEIN jewelry department. This ring is so unique I was drawn to it immediately. This looks really cute on the thumb or the pointer finger. I would wear this with any night time outfit but honestly, it could look good at any time of day!

Orange ruched crossbody bag - Ok....I was expecting this bag to be a little longer than what was received but I plan to use it as a clutch which is very cute and chic. I bought this bag with the intention of having it be more casual because of the strap but I think now, it can be a night clutch as well. The strap, although cute, makes the bag look like it is more for my daughter than for an adult. But we adapt, right?

Yellow Circle Bag - This bag is ADORABLE! It can be a crossbody with the woven chain strap or you can carry it from the plastic chain link top handle. The color of this bag is more of a powder yellow which could transition nicely into fall my opinion. But very cute for a summer day or night out!

Vintage Aviator Sunglasses - These sunglasses are IT! They give me total Robert Dinero in Casino vibes which....can't get any cooler. I love them because they are those types of sunglasses that can be a daytime into nighttime look - if you're into sunglasses at night (Cue Corey Hart). They are a vibe...and I love them.

Gold and Cream Shell Choker - I was following a few influencers that went on the most recent Revolve trip to Bermuda and saw this on one of them and NEEDED TO FIND ONE. It is so funny how trends circle back around...and not so funny that I am old enough to say "aw I wore that when I was younger....". Different from the normal shell necklace, the gold shells give it a little oompf. This would look so cute with a bathing suit or with a flowey matching pant and crop top outfit. Ya know, lounging by the beach, bronzing with my 50spf sipping on my vodka lemonade...Get me there now!

Monogramed Travel Jewelry Organizer - This was a birthday gift from my sister in law a few years ago and I did not know how much I needed this until I got it. When traveling, I used to just throw my jewelry in one of my mini travel makeup bags and hope for the best. This is a literal jewelry box! It keeps all of your rings, necklaces and bracelets safely secured in this beautiful leather box. And even better, my name is on it! You can customize what is written, the font and color. It is such a great gift for someone you love - that includes you ya know? I hope you love yourself!

Printed Head/Neck Scarf - If you have been following me on Instagram, you would have seen that I recently figured out how to wear a head scarf without looking like a woman on the Oregon Trail. I was on the hunt for some more cute scarves and came across this one at Target - the holy land! This scarf is big enough to wear over your shoulders for a chic, sophisticated look or in your hair like I did. I love these pieces because they transition so well between seasons...well the Florida seasons at least.

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