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Newest Cutie Cute Purchases

1. Ventura Slip Dress by Reformation - Purchased this from #Nordstrom. This dress falls so nicely and is the perfect fit for a dinner where you plan on indulging.

2. Gold Mini Skirt by Runaway the Label - I have had my eye on this skirt for a while and I finally pulled the trigger when it went on sale. This is such a fun piece for fall!

3. Snow Leopard Bodysuit by Runaway the Label - The fabric of this body suit is buttery soft and very stretchy.

4. Off the Shoulder Top by Runaway the Label - I was unsure if this would be a comfortable top because of the off the sleeve detail but there is enough stretch in the arms to give your bestie a big ol hug!

5. Grecian Print Beach Bag by InTheStyle - This beach bag is HUGE! It is also made of a terrycloth material so it will dry easily if it gets wet at the pool or beach.

6. Pink Ruffle Mini Skirt by InTheStyle - THIS IS THE GREATEST SKIRT! I have been waiting for this skirt to get restocked in my size for months and it finally did! If you have seen the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie wheres a similar skirt, you will understand my obsession.

7. Corset Top from Amazon - This top looks so expensive but is extremely affordable. It coms in many different colors and fits TTS.

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