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Amazon Haul July 5

Here are a few things I have recently bought from Amazon! Some are mom things...some are anyone things. Happy shopping!

  1. 5 shelf bookcase - I used these bookcases in my bathroom to give me more space in my closet. I use it to display jewelry, perfume and other accessories.

  2. Flexible tripod - Since I am a newbie blogger on the scene, I obviously needed to "hire some help". This tripod is lightweight and small enough to travel with and also bends to adhere to anything!

  3. Newborn bow clips - I used to put headbands on my daughters head and she never seemed to mind. But now that she is older, she thinks its fun to pull them off her head. These clips are meant for newborn hair so they are comfortable on their little heads and she doesn't seem to mind them.

  4. Portable high chair - I am planning to visit family this month and I needed a high chair to bring with me. I asked a lot of my mom friends and did my own research and this seemed to be number one. I haven't tried it yet but I'll report back!

  5. Stain remover - All hail the holy grail of stain removers! This spray is literal magic in a bottle. I used this the other day on my own clothes to get blackberry out of it and the stain disappeared in front of my eyes. If you buy one thing from this post, it HAS to be this!

  6. Blue light glasses - I used to get really bad headaches when I was working and I knew it was because I was staring at a screen all day. I bought these blue light glasses and the headaches went away almost immediately. If you work on a computer all day or even if you are staring at your phone a lot, GET THESE!

  7. Ring light -! I do a lot of my videos in my closet and the lighting SUCKS! I bought this ring light and I instantly transformed into a glowing goddess....and you can too! This ring light is amazing and can also fold down to be small enough for travel. It has a plug and usb so you can plug it into a computer if needed.

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